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ch rl h-- >> ggieou oka >>eporr: ty lstie us. we'ka gotyo >>or t magg. l ke goi.. we e'otyogg keoi weee youou perps s lo us er sbut,gain asry lop k,us n jeey, ggie ustt,in hller if as u capheare. n if otje, ietwe'ljust ha h toer gof ca arback t ifer'lst atheyoe ge gingepor of ckarts ofhat eygeg hortorifts b ardwk t coapsi. h leris mo . b whdwe shl we go? cosi lemo wh sh okwe. le?me sw yoan ige fm ok le syo i fcheseakeay. is ikent isld, mary nd, esstkecro. i thent y frlry, rohe d wel lo at thevidein st aseond. nas. re iweislotth ok ade the aseves.d. th cam ie off aheur fes.just thabouam ffourago,fest ou was r crasng io,o cheseake th is nt waisnd mylan as i houreske b oreths isndfa. m weanhowed uurhe bresient wiin jt th pasfa weur.we u thpresensi wi jthas decredr.tat
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by tgh ho by daur.wo inact,e've beretlyouy w chinho oury r. in cot,espoveente sara do w in ur rugg to ve he copotsarepo s om oan ty ggo epo o marand.ard. les go t sadra. e's ve lego tsaa. s oruu 's bn pringrain the nds be w pppinng in gi me conde ion s datewin >> rorte i wt toake vante ofhe l tidto shgie ound tn te rte w etoectse o f ntof lid hurrshane ndy talady,whic e ts ha o't eneacd ndfarr e y al y,re.ic ha etherns alady struaciondnd fa damaan d vast.ion ft er albehiy .ru n yocan e the ma erion on dhestn beh hi w.yon th threncinn soingll be ong thisthci pr ecti sang de whe g yocan e l is at'sprtisa dheeft nowyon are ese 's wden pos altow e e alo wn po ale sreli fore tslo feing kehis s p ound s li th arre but t no feg s ovioupy thnde st ngthar wutesaveno rea oyou th dastged w l e theaprot
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tivedad l hotve nd dun d the nes werrotting this aterromun oper the serara.otng so iseritm er a bautil cotal ardestatiofor lotitf a bti o luris, an no stio thr bch ist real isannoh b i eingal wther a obvisly ese was cmingng wer a ov theand ne viy ea cng welas ovhed flding lot f thel prorty suoundg th flngotthroy sundth coaal line th's soaethi the neesidts ll kp w chfuth eye s onhihen id te s of he kloongas wl as l th wdamafuyenhat'n gng to haveteo beofooplad w aaswell s thma reacint'a lo gofhesetoand vebe la a dulls. soertaly t s isre jint tlosend du ginn g besouse ta t tsis j t kee goinlike thisnnbe e titee unclinrke hoismuch amag ait desucti cl huicanesand wilho cauch hage a oce citesti huanndilau h ceit alne. al. >> i asse bin yousome so of hotesse ishat br thou st parte giv sof the nd ate e rythisg,t th srtiv e aeverhing eswath? doou anyingslyi ound caus ofernga t ouny whgping yi windnd?
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>> r orteus gooqueson. t en othiswhngbig nendotel rte oohereesthis. wa orfroisropeigy n hasel eured omereisamag warope s eedeag alrey. weaw pt of theetal roing re brk-aw fro thewe pof hefouatioalrog rebrly, awdrohe th had o haouio re , rkercut thf tadthaetalo i woul 't fer t aro td. d ty'reeallal bcing for e stulm f st trenig illan sow bngor stoue.s panverig i sher ede re, e anr pho graprred worng wh rme ou c sehoap thor w lit bu at w c blo eht, t glai buglobarou it j t wblewlo of in the tnd ala obout jhattewed rioft an e ai wadoina li shp thertt riso acertnly flinghe wainlih er ffecrty of a fot ongthe nd he. e ra isust ecelen ess, a o e no hto comg rastown hee. end ags,n, noom 'retillsevelwn hehour aw fagomurrine sndy ellve ur aw acally feachg thri sy aclychth rea. sana endo we aa.prec te you danourdo wew. aay sece. hes up or tu dlyin ur debs.. it w l ge w srse b orehetup tgetsin b wge we be tterts thisrrine's til sur
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co d coer in is atri's fet.til ur fe .coco i a toght, ull moonfethe igh fe tidethrothatn, atot,l haton kesehandy ldfal l aderoat at s podyntia lal aorstase enar. jeaste is poia huicanste ar jetes uan eciast wh wather un rgroiad whdcom. th is s blg. whe u ewith unro thedm. ths oaablurri ne h huers her fo yea. au arin n arrior miigan weathur mes fo i ntao p nt o ar cha arers,i anour teor ogisat isme st dingi palon owithe.ha i as,ked hir or tiss joi mestng i ts onth ad i t ju i in rms tf t stourge rv ju n som wt i' readg, t rtictoarlynge wi' ad ps ofew rk, mayic blolybergs taing out pof , aylo 12 rget, at i reco breatang.g t rrec >> t hhest2 torm, isurg co ea. ec t wve h evst seermin n yorrgcity occued i60ith w huevicanee norty cu idonn the rge reaedabouhhuan nn 11.e eea oufeet abo mea low.ater et th forastor tstor iboeaow r itero ach pth tort toots anor i a haighethan it hthat. ot >>onhen we ha talhe an12atoot >>ene sormal rge,hat es tt an?12t once, i'hinkg abt sm
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e, tht peop t? who cehopi'ully hankab th opevacted, head hoeplyhaorde goen o of eacd, leaer ying de go of l areang if n , yove bn coring u kn hurcane i sideeand nyo b co oung knurnesi i, whde's yr ad ce t ou the fos? si thewhurg yad i the umbehonefo killhe inrg hurcane andbeeyou ould e pepar forllhen wat ur comne ndu quic y. ld it p notar orll oat wat om b it a domic o itot oat te a b oufs it ve omquicy. yocoulhave out a 10 fs o ve ic -mil an-hyor cuulent veen t at wer srt10loodg in yo hom il -h chcud,t ump w s in.odin yo >>omjeff cha d chmrsp m ve coninrnedbouthe >>areafffhahe etm rir as th ve on edterut ces . ea e big rirge asingh r c . g e g io lg isnd d suryintoop irom l is w yo harr suinolling p mewhe nemooselt yoariand. anliy thou ts awhutne whost tha i wid. do anou a whehhosewoha wa rwido mass mitwhcollee?se >> ah.a it goi to ssit pillp .ater itry hoih.o we t ailot of iner o er t h ne few hour e ahat' goitof o t ne inewbit eurt'draige aeepoi thin pil int eai ap upven gher
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inwe'villreaot 1/upfootn er 'vorm rge ea w yo arb rit no1/ot ha a fm te yo higrrb thri hnorica ha fene. whenighe hh th tid hca stts t fld his en haernoid earlthist t flevening,e'lls ee ano rl is cordreakg sue his.en >> ds tllate mean war goerdin ak su hie suay? >> dpr tably.eawaoe >> obab .su? i d>>'t kprw whlyind of sandabggineffos th d kwh th'redof gointo bhavi in p ce. ndin foi meth, sie irenth ie knoin bvi n ey'vptake. so mesi seps ennoee 'v thekecan tso seortf ss beer hen ptect snrt fm sbway beentrces,ut t pct onfici f m focasts say trs, t oci fosts clingor a hfgso cngr-foot srm tide gsnd onlneedoo so be ded10.5 fe t nledbe fld thsubw. jef.5ee'veeen e flth bw pictefes. keehearg theven eadjeives ct . eearth coloaljeesiganc, t desc be lo it. mostn nomberan t cd in th sc nort how es a . st mstnoer cinh li ts rt w a sest form li>> tell,it staed ithe se rm l, ribbn, wtach ie's aays warmnougyearroun to ma bb w hurr aanessorm.
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anrm oncugartun gotoorthmaf e rresm. annc caritean o fndth itserigh er t gurin f stre aleasse gher t pas day s tndu it was are a vasy uni teasy sspt, riitt s ov an vnixis ofsp thi rm gu ov n reamwates tha ght fwareh abgut 5 oam 9 degesteha t e ab5 fahnhei warm thaegarage the eantempatur offhe ah ei lant coarm areha autage e n t 3mpurff degrnts faoaenhere aarm th avage tght now, 3ery gr fa unheuallwarmor tsrmimeth ave t w,ryof unll rmyear t me>> jf, a coue meing talkg ab t --arnd j kno aou mewe ng cus nework ty a lklot.ab-- no bulet' mo dnhe s ewk at.oas a bu t' liole b d int wilmgtonnto asiladphia atlaliic bcitnt caus thelmono srgether e adiala wtll b ry c se tushe th seerente we'll b c tll ian e, thatev, as thte ll ceerakes i la falllate onevas th thisfteron o ce esrly lalleveng.ten what re yr tisughters o ou y wiingten, phadelia, dat y t hte sue go g uphrou th wigt ph tiell, sugosin?p ou>> tth higst tisurge're goinn?to s are tigrgre gng tinbe sre in the y gust o t of stan in isnd a theon t e pposg st o co ot ofew jersta. is ahe t ceainlalso ryos
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ghcourgeof rs velsn cenl esoreme nther ew ge rsey atlalsic cy,goin eme u nerw eyla in uact,n thmning hh tide longrd ileph cot int,fth nemng hjers, th alrdy r ordedeng o thhightfne sgeson rsthlr re rrdde gog ba ovethgh10 ss yea a e so gobavelatio. and at w, yoeaknowwell so fore helio d w syorm how, moll tha 12 rehou. so ts eveng's sgh hidmoha cle u goi to t caenens im nse ounte f mageoio a biionsf doars. >> jf ime ntgemaer we pprebiatens yourdos. jexrtis mathanyou erree tlkin tour . exis ju loong ove anatu you, tin . quicy, juadoovehen seeouu, say w, tt ic akese ennerves. >>ou k w,y tes the's w d forrv >> kit. it's istothc.s w it nevor . 'stohapped itev at ida. at we tald autpp erlie th t s preidur n er walein a th low eienort t ofre n ce haerasin thor aow strtm of crentreco chaas now, we a dn'ttnow wh hapned c nt 1710co b o w, cwerent dt rcordw whwherapwe hde 10 bbaro otric cnt rrd essu s, ters st hm isroic a sunor' tstersto tosspeaha came aonshe. r' ther istoeaam perft stm li the sh the ins19 but tha onerfst livehe
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2:22 pm
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2:23 pm
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2:25 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:28 pm
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2:29 pm
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2:30 pm
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2:31 pm
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2:32 pm
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2:33 pm
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2:34 pm
2:35 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
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2:40 pm
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2:41 pm
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2:42 pm
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2:43 pm
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2:44 pm
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2:45 pm
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2:46 pm
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2:47 pm
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2:48 pm
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2:49 pm
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2:50 pm
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2:51 pm
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2:52 pm
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2:53 pm
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2:54 pm
2:55 pm
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2:56 pm
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2:57 pm
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2:58 pm
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2:59 pm
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3:00 pm
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3:01 pm
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3:02 pm
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3:03 pm
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3:04 pm
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3:05 pm
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3:06 pm
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3:07 pm
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3:08 pm
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3:09 pm
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3:10 pm
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3:11 pm
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3:12 pm
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3:13 pm
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3:14 pm
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3:15 pm
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3:16 pm
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3:17 pm
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3:18 pm
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3:19 pm
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3:20 pm
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3:21 pm
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3:22 pm
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3:23 pm
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3:25 pm
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3:26 pm
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3:27 pm
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3:28 pm
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3:29 pm
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3:30 pm
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3:31 pm
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3:32 pm
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3:33 pm
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3:34 pm
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3:35 pm
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3:36 pm
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3:37 pm
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3:38 pm
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3:39 pm
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3:40 pm
3:41 pm
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3:42 pm
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3:43 pm
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3:44 pm
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3:45 pm
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3:46 pm
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3:47 pm
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3:48 pm
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3:49 pm
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3:52 pm
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3:53 pm
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3:54 pm
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3:55 pm
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3:56 pm
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3:57 pm
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3:58 pm
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